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Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062

✅Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062✅

Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062

✅If you want Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062, you have come to the right place. We are a licensed Electrical contractor with Electrical license and fully insured. Safety certificate is provided for all new installation. Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062 is the one everyone look for to get electrical installation in their houses. We are available most of the times for instance as per the likes of our customers. Eworks Electrical will install electrical installations at locations which you like and which comply with the wiring standards. We can provide you with prompt, professional installation service, so that you have peace of mind and know that your work has been done safely to the highest industry standards.

We are enthusiastic about all domestic electrical needs our customers may have or problems that need to be solved. Please call us on 0403998199 to discuss your Electrician services.

EWorks electrician is your Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062. Most of the pictures you see here are our works done at different locations all across Perth. You can see them to buy your next project for your house. We at Eworks Electrical do work to be visually beautiful with professional tools to ensure your house integrity is maintained. If you need a electrician, call us today.

Fault Finding & Repairs – Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062

Tripped circuits
Fuse board problems
Nuisance tripping
Blown fuses
Tripped RCDs
Lighting and power faults

Initial inspection for fault finding & repair will be carried out to check for loose connections signs of burning or dampness Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062.

We Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062 offer a full range of electrical installation, servicing, and repair services. Including, but not limited to, domestic services, commercial services for your business and electrical work, installation and repairs, and lighting installation.

Testing & Inspection Services
Testing & Tagging
Emergency Light Testing
RCD Testing

Electrical Estimates – Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062

Our estimators for Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062 are available Monday-Friday between 8am and 5pm. If necessary, appointments can be arranged outside of these hours, and in urgent cases even more promptly with work starting immediately. Written estimates are emailed within 48 hours of the visit and are valid for 6 months.

A site visit enables our estimator for Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062 to scope the works, providing you with a detailed breakdown of the costs and schedule. Estimates are generally non-chargeable, but some may incur a charge depending on the nature of the work, time and location of your appointment. Should you proceed with the work, any charge made for your estimate will be deducted from the final invoice.




Power points | Led downlights | Pendant lights | Outdoor lights | Exhaust fan | Bathroom heater | Ceiling fans | Door bells | Security sensor lights | Safety certificate / inspection certificate for house renting or selling | RCD tripping fault find | Test and Tag | Smoke Alarm | And more

Power points
All power points inside the house can be single, double or quad(4) oulet. Normally found one are double. They come in different models like slim or standard also vertical or horizontal. Electrician can install them at different locations as per your need as per the current Australian wiring standards. They can be on the walls, cupboards, inside and on ceiling, bathroom.
Outdoor power points are suitable for areas like Alfresco, garden, patio and anywhere outside the house where moisture can come. Therey are rated for “weather proof” use because of the design to prevent moisture going inside the wiring.
In this age of internet as we  use a lot of portable electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, payment systems, the need for charging these devices arise.
Normally we have chargers seperate to devices. But these look shabby with lot of wires all around. USB outdoor power po gives a solution to these by introducing the charger part inside the power point.
There are different types available in market. Some of them are outlet with USB & USB Port only
Led downlights
An LED lamp or LED light bulb is an electric light for use in light fixtures that produces light using one or more light-emitting diodes (LEDs). LED lamps have a lifespan many times longer than equivalent incandescent lamps, and are significantly more efficient than most fluorescent lamps
Pendant lights
A pendant light, sometimes called a drop or suspender, is a lone light fixture that hangs from the ceiling usually suspended by a cord, chain, or metal rod.[1] Pendant lights are often used in multiples, hung in a straight line over kitchen countertops and dinette sets
Outdoor lights
Outdoor lighting  – used to illuminate walkways, parking lots, roadways, building exteriors and architectural details, gardens, and parks. Outdoor light fixtures can also include forms similar to indoor lighting, such as pendants, flush or close-to-ceiling light fixtures, wall-mounted lanterns and dome lights.
Exhaust fan
An exhaust fan is a fan that has been placed to move air from inside to outside a home or property. An exhaust fan will ventilate your bathroom, toilet reducing damp & mould growth.

Bathroom heater
They come in combo units with exhaust fans and lights together normally. They are available as heatersonly also. Bathroom heaters are very useful in winter during shower or other uses.

Ceiling fans
Fans use significantly less power than air conditioning as cooling air is thermodynamically expensive. They cool people effectively by increasing air speed. Fans do not reduce air temperature or relative humidity, unlike air-conditioning equipment but create a cooling effect by helping to evaporate sweat and increase heat exchange via convection.

Door bells
A doorbell is a signaling device typically placed near a door to a building's entrance. When a visitor presses a button the bell rings inside the building, alerting the occupant to the presence of the visitor. Although the first doorbells were mechanical, activated by pulling a cord connected to a bell, modern doorbells are electric, operated by a pushbutton switch. Modern doorbells often incorporate intercoms and miniature video cameras to increase security.

Security sensor lights
Security lighting is lighting that intended to deter or detect intrusions or other criminal activity on a piece of real property. It can also be used to increase a feeling of safety. A PIR-based motion detector is used to sense movement of people, animals, or other objects. They are commonly used in burglar alarms and automatically activated lighting systems.

Safety certificate / inspection certificate
An electrical safety certificate is a legal document certifying that the installing work:has been completed;
has been checked, tested and complies with all regulatory requirements; and
is safe to connect to the electricity supply.

RCD tripping fault find
RCD tripping is one of the biggest electrical problem all people face. This can be due to various reasons such as appliance fault, faulty RCD, cable fault, leakage current and more
Test and Tag
Testing involves a visual inspection of the equipment and any flexible cables for good condition, and also where required, verification of earthing (grounding) continuity, and a test of the soundness of insulation between the current carrying parts, and any exposed metal that may be touched.

Smoke Alarm
Since 1 October 2009 mains powered smoke alarms must also be fitted in all existing residential buildings prior to the transfer of ownership, rent or hire. A smoke detector is a device that senses smoke, typically as an indicator of fire. Smoke alarms, generally issue an audible or visual alarm from the detector itself or several detectors if there are multiple smoke detectors interlinked.
Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062

📃License – Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062📃

We are a licensed (EC12665) and insured Electrical contractors. All installing jobs are entitled to a safety certificate which is required for most warranty purposes of appliances.

Don’t D-I-Y (do it yourself) electrical work
Doing your own electrical work or employing an unlicensed person to do it for you, is very dangerous. You and your family risk electrocution or fire.

Licensed electrical contractors have been expertly trained and will guarantee the quality of their work. It is also illegal for an unlicensed person to carry out electrical work, including modifications to fixed wiring.

Check if your electrical contractor is licensed using DMIRS online licence search below. An electrical contractor’s licence can be identified by the prefix ‘EC’ at the start of the licence number. An electrician’s licence number will begin with ‘EW’.

Need to check if your electrical contractor is licensed?

Use DMIRS online search facility.

Check now

📝Free Online Quotes – Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062📝

Everyone wants to know how much the job costs before getting it done. No surprises! . We give Free online quotes when you send the full job descirtion with photos for Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062 . Each job will be assesed for the time taken and materials to be used to calculate the cost. Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062

Request a FREE Estimate
Our team is ready to to help you.

💰Pricing – Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062💰

Hourly Rates: There is minimum charge of one hour on all jobs, thereafter work is charged in 30 minute increments. All rates exclude the cost of materials.
Fixed Price: Written and verbal quotations are available from our team or we are happy to make an appointment for an estimator to assess your job online only.
Congestion charge zone – Not included
Parking – Not included

Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062

⏰Service Hours – Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062





Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062

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👶Frequently Asked Questions👶


No. All electrical works for public should be carried out by a licensed electrician under an electrical contractor in WA. Any work carried by non electricians will be considered illegal and Home Insurance will not cover the faults or fire caused by that. Only globes can be replaced by anyone. Electrical work – includes replacing light fittings, switches or power points.

When getting electricians for your home consider checking their electricians license

Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062


RCDs can trip due to several reasons including overload, electric shock, faulty RCD, moisture inside appliances , lights, powerpoints or faulty appliances

What can you do before calling an electrician?

Try resetting the RCD by pushing the lever to ON and see if stays on
If not Unplug all appliances plugged in to the power points and try resetting
May be the appliances were faulty or there was a nuisance tripping , you will be able to eliminate those faults and the power is restored
If you tried both of the above and still its not working, call an electrician

Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062


LED is the new technology in lighting which is being used everywhere because of its low power consumption, long life, safety from high temperatures and ease of maintenance. With no doubt we can replace all existing downlights to LED.

Sizes of these downlights vary. The standard ones used are with cutout size of 90mm, 85mm and 70mm. Before purchasing new ones you need to check the cutout size of old ones.

Wattage – LED Downlight with 10 watts is comparable to a 50 watts halogen downlight. Just by replacing a halogen downlight to LED downlight you can save around 5 times power saving on each light.

Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062


The number of lights required depends on variety of factors.
Some of them are-
Size and height of the room– Normally for a room of 4×4 m² with a ceiling height of 2.5 m you need 4 downlights of 10watts for good lighting. As the height and size of the room increases the light intensity also reduces.

Individuals requirement– Some people like little light and some people like real bright light all the rooms. So you can go from 1 to 5 lights for a 4 m² room.

Light intensity – This depends on the wattage and lumens of light they give out. For a 10 watts light normally we can expect around 900 lumens. This varies from manufacturers of light.

Colour of the room – the painting of the room also plays an important role in the lighting of the room. More darker the colour, the light looks dull. This means white colour will be the brightest for the same light used at both places.
An electrician will give you a better idea and estimate of the amount of lights required.

Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062


Different electricians charge differently. Rates are different due to their experience, materials used, overheads they incur, travel allowance, parking fee etc. They can charge anywhere between $80/hr to 150/hr. Weekends and holidays can be double rate. After hour rates can be more than ordinary hours.

When choosing an Electrician try to get 3 comparison quotes so you have a feel for the value of service and what is being offered at what price. Ask if your Electrician is registered. Insist on being given a ‘written quote’ to avoid disputes over payment and job expectations at the end of the project.

Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062

Electrician Call Out Fees & Emergency Costs

Although electricians have a specific day rate that they charge for standard work. They also have other fees they charge over and above the standard electrician’s cost..

Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062

Callout fees

Every sparky must cover their transport costs and other overheads. Which means that every job must pay for itself. So, to prevent a customer asking to have a plug on a kettle replaced (typically, a 10–minute job), and only paying for the 10 minutes! Electricians have a call–out fee. Typically, the first hour of any job will be charged at about double the usual rate. And, the first hour will be the minimum charge. Thereafter, the electrician’s cost per hour reverts to its normal rate.

Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062

Emergency callout fee

Electricians, like plumbers, might be called out any time of the day or night for emergencies. Suppose for the sake of this example, that the light switches in a home all start to fizz and smoke at the same time. It’s clear, this is an emergency that must be sorted immediately.

If the homeowner didn’t know how to turn off the lights at the consumer unit or had to vacate the building for safety. Then, an electrician must drop whatever he or she is doing and rush to the job. This could happen at any time of the day or night and on any day of the year.

Therefore, the sparky charges much more for this privilege. The emergency call-out fee is at the discretion of the electrician but can be up to 2.5 to 3 times the standard rate. If you dispute this amount, the electrician will just say that you must make an appointment for the visit, possibly next week.

Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062

Pendant lights Electrician in Morley-6062